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New Beer Releases: September 1st - 13th

  • by: Maggie Mahar
  • On: 30, Aug 2019
62 min read
Trigger warning: You are about to read a list of new and fall-inspired beer releases. If you can't handle it, and are still stuck on the idea of summer, we ask that you kindly and respectively x out of this window. If you can handle it... welcome! Fall is upon us. I for one, am excited at the prospect of pumpkin being incorporated into pretty much everything. But if pumpkin ain't your thing, that's cool too. From pecan to peanut butter, we've got quite the interesting lineup for you this week!


  • 9/1

    Abita brewing pecan ale

    abita-pecan-ale-american brown ale| 5.2% ABV

    Pecan Ale is made with real Louisiana roasted pecans for a subtle, nutty flavor and aroma. It’s brewed with pale, Munich, biscuit and caramel malts, and Willamette hops. The roasted pecans are added in the brewhouse. Crack one open and geaux nuts!

    Available in bottles and draft

  • 9/1

    half acre lagertown octoberfest

    DIqvNE_VYAAddTYoctoberfest|5.2% ABV

    Half Acre honors the centuries-old Munich tradition with this rich, malty, crisp beer that welcomes cooler days ahead and embodies everything positive about enjoying beer with friends.

    Available in 16oz cans 


  • 9/2

    Half acre wand Dipa

    IMG_5890double ipa| 7.8% ABV

    An imperial brewed with malted oats, malted wheat and Vienna malt alongside Simcoe, Amarillo and Mosaic hops for a freshly budded double with reverberating forest fruits.

    Available in 16oz cans 



  • 9/2

    Pipeworks Oktoberfest


    oktoberfest| 5.3% abv

    A very enjoyable offering, and impressively well made. If you're gunning for an oktoberfest-style beer, this is the one you're gonna want. 

    Available in 16oz cans

  • 9/2

    Pipeworks s'more money s'more problems


    imperial s'mores stout| 10.5% abv

    Imperial stout with graham crackers, cinnamon, cacao nibs, vanilla and natural marshmallow flavor. Now in cans with s'more S'mores flavor than EVER before.

    Available in 16oz cans



  • TBD

    Dogfish head 120 minute ipa


    imperial ipa| 15-20% abv

    Clocking in at 15-20% ABV, 120 Minute IPA is continuously hopped with a copious amount of high-alpha American hops throughout the boil and whirlpool, and then dry-hopped with another pallet of hops. Unfiltered and abundantly hoppy, it's the Holy Grail for hopheads!

    We brew 120 Minute IPA a few times a year, but it goes fast. If you find some grab a few bottles -- some to enjoy and some to age.

    Available in bottles



  • TBD

    Belching beaver peanut butter latte nitro


    milk stout | 5.0% ABV

    People love our Peanut Butter Milk Stout, and this time we put a fun twist on our classic! Peter took a break from filling barrels and brewed a milk stout that is golden in color, a real sensory trip, and loaded it with coffee. Then we kicked it up a notch by peanut-butterizing (is that a word?) the beer for a real treat unique for winter months. “IT’S A PEANUT BUTTER LATTE!” Tom exclaimed and perfect to drink on chilled nights and early mornings. We hope you enjoy this new adventure in brewing as much as we do.


    Available in 16oz cans




  • TBD

    Bells brewery third coast old ale


    american barley wine ale | 10.20% ABV

    Third Coast Old Ale starts with a rich, caramel base, and finishes with a heavy hop bitterness. Sharply intense at first, it will age gracefully, adding complexity and subtlety in your cellar. Go ahead, test your patience.


    Available in bottles and draft


  • TBD

    boulevard brewing 30th anniversary ale


    barrel-aged blend | 12% ABV

    Inspired by John’s desire to “do something different”, our brewers created this elegant, complex blend of barrel-aged beers to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Thank you to our fans for being a part of it all – cheers to 30 years! Look for this celebratory beer to start hitting shelves and tap handles throughout the country in September.


    Available in bottles




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