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New Beer Releases: October 9th - 12th

  • by: Maggie Mahar
  • On: 9, Oct 2019
75 min read
We're just gonna cut right to the chase, here. You want new beer releases. And we got 'em. It's a win-win, really. We know you can't count on that customer who walks in 36 seconds before close every Friday night. But you can count on us as a source for all things new and beer-related. Maybe I shouldn't compare the two, but hey, at least it's something. At the very least, we know you’re always looking for new material to read while you’re on the crapper at work. So... you're welcome.


  • 10/9

    left hand chai milk stout nitro

    CMSNcan-webNitro Milk stout| 5.0% ABV

    A super smooth (and dare we say sessionable?) nitro milk stout with aromatic spices. This full-bodied beverage clocks in at just 5% ABV and is brewed using roasted barley, flaked barley and chocolate.

    Available in cans

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  • 10/9

    Jolly Pumpkin El Monstruo Del Norte

    El+Monstruo+del+Norte+Bottle+-+100+dpiwild ale with chestnuts|6.7% ABV

    El Monstruo del Norte is the third oak-aged collaboration between North Peak Brewing Company and Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales. We took North Peak’s Gnarl (Chestnut Amber Ale) and combined it with around 40% of La Roja (Sour Amber Ale) and then aged it for 4 months in oak before securing this beast in bottles.

    This Wild Red Chestnut Ale is medium in body and boasts a beautiful copper-hue. Filled with roasty sweetness, blending caramel notes with subtle chestnut flavors, and finishing with a moderate bright citrus-like acidity.

    Available in bottles

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  • 10/9

    rogue coast haste

    Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 3.36.46 PMhazy ipa| 8.6% ABV

    As farmers and brewers we understand the importance of fresh ingredients. That's why our favorite time of year is harvest time, when the ingredients are their freshest and beer is just begging to be brewed. To make this beer, we cut down fresh Rogue Farms hops, load them into a truck and rush them posthaste over to our brewery on the coast. When the hops arrive, they go straight into the brew, still wet from the farm. The effort pays off in this hazy, fruity, wet-hop laden imperial IPA.

    Available in cans and on draft

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  •  10/11

     Maine Second dinner


    Dipa| 8.0% abv

    From our original “whale” Lunch, to our DIPA Dinner, our hoppy beers keep us wanting more. Naturally, we want seconds. Drink this beer fresh. Limited production

    Available in bottles

  • 10/11

    avery sweater party 


    winter ale| 8.0% abv

    Sweater Party warms from the inside out with specialty malts and mulling spices, including cinnamon, orange peel, allspice, cloves, and ginger.


    Available in cans



  • 10/12

     burial the extinction of useless light


    sour ale | 12% ABV 

    Aged in Caribbean rum barrels for over a year before an additional nine months of bottle conditioning, this 12% ABV sour ale is as dark as night.

    Available on draft

  • 10/12

     off color wildings


    wild ale | 11% ABV

    This Gold Medal winning wild ale features native yeasts harvested from blueberry skins which yield an aromatic cloudburst of summer blueberries, concord grapes and strawberry blossoms interlaced with supple oak and a delicate note of violets from the long rest in handmade foedres we pulled out of a winery in the northern Italy region of Piedmont where they held Barolo for 15 years.

    Available in bottles




  • 10/12  

     off color cygnet 


    foedre aged wild ale | 5.2% ABV

    Our second batch of our collaboration with Jester King Brewery. A foedre aged wild ale with koji, expect a pleasant intertwining of our two breweries’ mixed cultures showcasing the nectarine/stone fruit ester profile of our wild yeasts alongside the more lime forward, mineral character of Jester King house culture. White grapes, papaya, and guava overlay a spritzy acidity with elegant oak structure from the long rest in our Barolo foedre and a subtle perfume from the koji inoculated sake rice.

    Available in cans and bottles


  • 10/12

     off color aqua predator


    farmhouse ale | 6.5% ABV

    The wort is totally submerged in Crystal wet hops (or at least as much as our makeshift hop back could hold). Lemongrass dominates the nose while a melon tang finishes to a hop oil vapor. Two hundred pounds of fresh hops (!) from Hophead Farms went into this beer…. yowsa!


    Available in bottles & cans

  • 10/12

    Coronado salty crew


    blonde ale | 4.5
    % ABV

    Coronado Brewing Company is thrilled to announce a new year-round collaboration with lifestyle and apparel brand, Salty Crew. This partnership unites two iconic San Diego brands, whose roots both aim to connect with the water. The result is Salty Crew Blonde Ale, an easy-drinking boat beer perfect for days spent on the water.  Salty Crew Blonde is brewed with a blend of two-row, wheat and pilsner malt balanced by Nugget and Saaz hops for a touch of pleasant bitterness. Perfectly balanced and light-bodied, this dry and refreshing beer is a sessionable 4.5% ABV for maximum enjoyment.


    Available in cans




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