With Summer coming to an end, customer's obsession with the perfect bod have gone on a six month hiatus, meaning calorie conscious spirits have taken a back seat to deliciously filling beer.

In September 2018, the beer category recovered in the on-premise across Chicagoland. Total beer share soared to the top, growing by over 5 percent from the previous month. 

Within the beer category, total craft beer sales declined by -11.17 percent. However, all local craft brands did not suffer this fate.  Maplewood Brewery and Distillery is leading the pack in craft brewery sales growth with an 85.27 percent increase in sales from August 2018 to September 2018. 

The spirits category took a nosedive in September, losing over 4 percent of its share of the product mix. The drop in spirit share can be attributed to the mass sales decline of Tequila which lost 4.33 percent of its share from the previous month.



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