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Absinthe - Everything You're Too Afraid To Ask

  • by: Maggie Mahar
  • On: 18, Oct 2019
28 min read
7 min read

Absinthe - Everything You're Too Afraid To Ask

Through no fault of its own (but perhaps the fault of its proponents), absinthe has achieved legendary status. Mentions of the spirit bring to mind Victorian-era images of Dorian-Grey-esque mischief. ...

8 min read

10 Fall-Friendly Brews Your Bar Is Missing

During the autumnal beer-drinking season, ‘variety’ is a concept that seems almost entirely nonexistent. Looking out over a sea of Pumpkin Ales and Oktoberfest Marzens, bringing something novel to you...

18 min read

New Beer Releases: October 9th - 12th

We're just gonna cut right to the chase, here. You want new beer releases. And we got 'em. It's a win-win, really. We know you can't count on that customer who walks in 36 seconds before close every F...

7 min read

Chicago's Top-Selling Beer: Modelo Especial

Alright, well, technically...Old Style was never the king of Chicago. For years, Miller Lite was in fact the top dog of the Windy City. But true to their fighting spirit, Modelo Especial has finally s...

7 min read

Pumpkin Beer for Dummies: A Brief History

It’s difficult to imagine a more divisive beer than the pumpkin ale.

17 min read

New Beer Releases: September 24th - 30th

Many beer drinkers consider summer a prime season for enjoying different brews. But us? We happen to love fall. We haven't even started October yet, but as temperatures drop, there's something magical...

8 min read

Craft Beer's Latest Obsession: The Milkshake IPA

“Milkshake beers are not a trend or acceptable with traditional or even modern styles…No excuses. [sic]” 

8 min read

Oktoberfest Beer: Everything You Need To Know

Fall means different things to different people. To us at Provi (and we suspect many of you), fall means Oktoberfest. Although the official festival takes place in Munich, the global allure of any boo...

14 min read

The Ultimate Summer Beverage Trend Report

Ahhh. Sweet, sweet summer. A time when patios are packed with patrons. When bars are filled, five-people deep. When liquor has a tendency to go down a little quicker. No doubt Summer 2019 has had its ...

17 min read

New Beer Releases: September 13th - 23rd

Temps are dropping (kind of). And we're starting to get really excited for fall (kind of). But what's not to love about all of the fun, dark and malty beers headed our way? Hard seltzers, sit down, yo...


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