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Bartenders Swear by it: The Lowdown on the Highball Cocktail

  • by: Maggie Mahar
  • On: 7, Aug 2019
29 min read
7 min read

Bartenders Swear by it: The Lowdown on the Highball Cocktail

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more vaguely defined drink than the highball. Generally speaking, it’s some family of mixer-dominant drinks featuring booze and carbonate, but where does one draw the l...

8 min read

Libation Celebration: The Ultimate Guide to International Beer Day

These days, it seems like America has a pretty good handle on all things hoppy and brewed. But, August 2nd is the official International Beer Day. So, we thought it was about time we start looking acr...

29 min read

New Beer Releases: August 3rd - August 17th

They're here. The Oktoberfest beers are officially here. We're not sure if that makes you ridiculously excited or fuming mad, but either way, you'll want to check it out. You know, incase you see some...

6 min read

3 Wine Trends That Aren't Rose

We’re just going to get this out of the way: rosé is likely here to stay (for a while). 

8 min read

Virtue is Making America's Best Cider

America’s revitalized interest in cider isn’t exactly a secret, and it’s certainly not breaking news. Over the past decade or so, Americans have steadily and quickly come to love craft cider, starting...

7 min read

Area 51: What to Serve Aliens & Why

It’s happening! Maybe. The revolution is finally upon us. Maybe.

36 min read

On Our Radar: July Beer Releases

All it takes is one beer to change your summer beverage game...and we're pretty confident you're gonna find it on this list. Ever heard of a little thing called a Rosé Ale? We hadn't. Until now. And t...

6 min read

Sour Beer Guide: From Berliner Weisse to Oud Bruin

Over the past several years, sour beers have been everything but a secret. The bright, tangy brews have really taken center-stage, becoming a pleasant go-to for a lot of folks’ summer option. The real...

7 min read

How Hard Seltzer is Disrupting the Beverage Industry

Since the dawn of time (or thereabouts), beer, wine, and spirits have been fighting amongst themselves for America's boozy dollar. But in recent years, a fourth competitor seems to be emerging at a ra...

9 min read

Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione: From Weird to Wonderful

When we started research for this article, we thought Dogfish Head Brewery would be the ‘story of unlikely success’. The original concept was something akin to a defying all odds narrative, wherein ou...


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