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On-Premise Alcohol Sales Trends in Chicago: October 2018

  • by: Ryan Philemon
  • On: 20, Nov 2018
14 min read
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On-Premise Alcohol Sales Trends in Chicago: October 2018

Every month, Provi collects data from every order sent to analyze sales trends across the beer, wine, and spirit categories in the on-premise. This month's on-premise alcohol trend report was created ...

2 min read

Colorado Alcohol Sales Trends in the On-Premise: September 2018

 After a rough few months, Colorado's total beer share in the on-premise grew for the first time in September since June 2018. Within beer, the craft sector has seen it's fourth month of continual gro...

2 min read

On-Premise Alcohol Sales Trends in Chicago: September 2018

With Summer coming to an end, customer's obsession with the perfect bod have gone on a six month hiatus, meaning calorie conscious spirits have taken a back seat to deliciously filling beer.

8 min read

Artisanal Ice: Hot or not?

A deep dive into the underground artisan ice scene. And it’s hotter than you think. Who's to say a cocktail has to end after a fancy goblet or exotic garnish? Why not go one step further. Why not comp...

5 min read

The State of Local Craft Beer in Chicago

Discover trending breweries and styles in the on-premise   Over recent years, craft beer has become the smartphone of the beer industry. It seems like every time you decide to tap a new keg, a local b...

8 min read

Most Popular Beer and Spirit Brands in February

March has officially arrived and we’re finally giving winter a swift kick as we look ahead to brighter days. In this report we set out to reveal the most popular products in bars and retail establishm...


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